When I was younger, I found it hard to connect with people and I still do. Though now I joke around a lot that it’s hard to realize I’m not a people person. The fact is that depression doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re sad and sullen all the time. Sometimes we see people who always seem to happy and wonder how they do it. It’s actually funny that it’s just a defence mechanism. During my junior year in high school, it was pretty obvious I was so deep in the gallows and I wasn’t ready to get help. Constant thought of suicide plagued my mind and writing was my only relief. I would sit alone all day and just wish for a moment when I could get away from everyone. I used to tell myself that dying was like a means to an end. But I know better now, suicide isn’t the answer. I was glad to meet someone who made it his mission to pull me from the deep dark blue sea I was in. Not everyone has that person and I understand how hard it feels knowing that no one understands you. It’s like you wish they could get inside your mind and know that you’re not a whiny child seeking attention. The pattern that worked for me was channeling my energy to something I loved; writing. For you, it could be painting, dancing, singing. Whatever it is, do something that brings peace and serenity to you.

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