On today’s episode of debhie’s blog, ( that actually sounded way cooler in head), I’m writing with sleepy eyes. Apparently this is the only way I can stay awake while waiting for my phone signal to come back up. So what does Deborah like to do??? I love reading books and before you ask, sorry to burst your bubble, I don’t like romance. I’m more of a horror/thriller person. I love James Patterson (James Patterson’s murders are forever). Stephen King is also an absolute favorite. He’s as detailed as they come. Did I just forget Mario puzo?? I spent weeks analyzing The godfather.I also looovee Francine Rivers even though she doesn’t write horror. She has a nice way with words. I sing too, sometimes I like to sit and imagine I’m in a singing competition. You’d think that someone that loves to sing as much as I do would have a favorite artist but it’s just so hard to make a choice. Trust me, I’ve tried. Lest I forget, I’m an amazing chair dancer. When you see me dancing while seating, forget it, I know I’m good. On the other hand while standing, I have two left foot even though I always have the moves arranged systematically in my head. I still wonder how it happens though. If you know a good tutor, I’m up for learning. Let’s put those imaginary moves to good use.

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