My sister’s keeper

It’s been two weeks after exams and while awaiting results, I’ve spent the holiday reading books by jodi picoult. I recall mentioning her in my previous post.

The first book by jodi picoult that I read is my sister’s keeper (you can find it on anybooks or just get the hardcopy). It’s about a 13 year old girl who sued her parents for making her undergo medical procedures without her permission. Crazy right, the Nigerian wheels in your head are probably turning now and you’re imagining what would happen to you if you were that kid. I’ll like us to think beyond that though cause by the time I’m done, you’d wish she just ran away or shot them. Whatever floats your boat.

Before this girl was conceived, her elder sister was diagnosed with cancer. The doctors said the only way to harvest a bone marrow would be from someone who was her sibling and a genetic match but the brother wasn’t. The parents decided to have another child in the hopes of saving the one they had already.

The first thing they took from her was the blood from her placenta immediately after birth, after that they took cells from her body and the cycle keeps going on and on. At the age of 13, she has been asked to donate her kidney even though her sister might die even after the transplant. So think about it, why should I donate my kidney to my sister if I know there’s a possibility that she’ll die even after the transplant. Why should I give her my kidney if I know there’s a slight chance of complication happening to me after the surgery.

As wicked as you may feel that the young girl is, imagine being born just to keep someone else alive. Today it’s just a kidney, what happens tomorrow when she needs a heart??

I know you’re probably right waiting for me to tell you who won the court case but I won’t. Go and the book yourself. Reading is good for you. Have a great day

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