Always & forever

Twinkle twinkle Little Star

This is a letter to my lover

Hey you significant other

Do you believe in always and forever?

Always and forever seems like a long time to be committed to something or someone, doesn’t it? You know, sometimes lovers say this and it makes me wonder, would you really be down for him forever. Few weeks ago, someone accused me of being cold and nonchalant and after thinking for a while, I realized that to me I was only being realistic. Always and forever seems to me like an oath to be with you in your good and bad days, sure there’s no problem with that. But does always and forever also mean that I have to be with you when you hurt me. Does it really mean that I don’t love my significant other if always and forever seems so out of reach for me to think of? So many unanswered questions running through my mind and I can’t even find the appropriate words to express the crazy train of thoughts going through my head. I know, I know, this isn’t like Debbie. She tells us things but she rarely asks questions. Truth is Debbie is also confused. The days are going so fast that I’m beginning to feel like if I don’t seize the moment, I might regret it. Would i really regret it if I continue stalling and moving in circles? Would my significant other understand that whenever I think of always and forever, it seems like a good thing and then I start to have doubts? You might say that those who are always trying to hold back are weak because they’re scared of getting hurt. But that’s only your opinion, not mine. To be honest though, as of this moment I don’t even have an opinion, so talk to me. What do you believe??? Do you believe in always and forever or do you feel like you’re just setting yourself up for a heartbreak? Better still, are you like me, confused and yet to have an opinion?

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