The average man

Before we embark on this life changing experience, let it be held that I am NOT a male. Everything that’s going to be discussed here is purely based on the experiences of friends and aquaintances of mine.

  • Expressing yourself in anything short of manly is an abberation. Too much words and you’re seen as too weak. Nobody likes a man that talks too much.

It’s not just about being a male or female, it’s about being human. Everyone deserves to express themselves how they want to and when they went to. Life is hard enough, let’s not complicate things with gender wars. And just like the hunger games, may the odd ever be in your favor.
  • Taking a random walk down a lonely path lost in your thoughts isn’t an option at all. You wouldn’t want to scare the young girl walking ahead who keeps glancing over her shoulders with a slight change in her steps.        
  • Considering a relationship when you don’t have shingbain. You better wake up from that silly dream and hustle( no one wants to wait in surulere, everyone wants olorunsogo).
  • Losing your virginity to aunty bola down the road at the age of 11???(it wasn’t rape, you’re now a real man).


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