Happy New year guys 🤩🤩🤩

So this year, there’s something I’ll like everyone of you to promise me. It’s not something difficult so don’t get scared. I just need you to promise me that you’ll be happy. That you’ll look in the mirror and tell yourself that you deserve every good thing that comes your way. That each time life gives you 100 reasons to break down and think of how miserable your life is, you’ll remind yourself that you have 1001 reasons to be grateful and happy.

Happiness sounds so simple yet it’s a luxury that not everyone can afford. Which is why as silly as you might think this is, I need you to know that it’s important.

I want you to look at your body in all the glory of your stomach rolls, stretch marks, messy hair, brown teeth and know that you’re an amazing person inside out. That the world isn’t ready for you and that you’ll make the world your stage.
But most importantly, I need you to promise me that you’ll believe in yourself, because if you don’t, no one will. Be your biggest hypeman, stand tall with your head high even when life knocks you down. I need to know that you’ll fight back because you’re a conqueror and a phenomenon that life hasn’t seen before.

       Happy New year guyssssssssss

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