Hannah stone

She finished the juice and blacked out almost immediately. The wonders of  GHB. I took her down the basement and tied her up, then i went back upstairs to have lunch. Who says serial killers don’t get hungry with that much work??
I went back after a while and saw that she was already awake which was a good thing cause I was starting to get impatient. I removed the rag from her mouth and she started yelling. I must admit, I almost started laughing. Did she really think I’d have removed it if the basement wasn’t soundproof. And then you wonder why naive people are easy to kill, they just never learn.

“If your plan is to scream your way out of here, you can try another one, by the way are you thirsty?”. I didn’t even need to ask, I could tell she was but I decided to indulge her nonetheless.  “Yes please, just let me go, I won’t tell anyone anything”. “That’s not happening sweetheart, right now, we’re going to play a game, each correct answer is equal to one sip so for your sake I hope you’re as smart as you look”.  “What game is it??”. It was a beautiful sight to see her so compliant, the fear in those baby blue eyes.

“First question, only one color but not one size, stuck at the bottom, yet easily flies. Present in the sun, absent in rain, doing no harm and feeling no pain, what is it???”
“Can you repeat the question please?, I didn’t get the last part” “10 seconds sweetheart, a wrong answer might leave you with nine fingers so choose wisely”. She kept repeating the question, for someone taking AP classes, she was starting to look foolish. “5 seconds, sweetheart”. “Shadow, shadow, that’s the answer”. Nice job, you just earned yourself a golden sip of water.
Continue like this and I just might cut you loose.

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