Food is the gateway to a man’s heart but you know what’s better than food, good food. The kind that makes you roll up your sleeves and unbuckle your belt. That amazing dish that would make you forget your manners, yeah that’s the kind of good food I’m talking about 😋😋😋. Today on debhie’s blog, we’ll be having a one on one with one of unilag’s finest chefs, the CEO of TUM’S kitchen who has been peppering us with different delicacies this festive season. This Q/A gave us insight into the life of Mr tunmise  Q: For the sake of those who only know you as the CEO of TUM’S kitchen, can you introduce yourself?

A: My name is okegbemi mofiloluwalowo tunmise.

Q: personally, I love cooking about as much as I love maths, what inspired your passion for cooking?

A: Funny thing is that I wasn’t allowed to cook much at home having 3 elder sisters and all. But as a child I was very picky with food. I wouldn’t eat anything that didn’t look too pleasant to me. So when I went out with my mum I wouldn’t eat outside because of that. I only ate my mums food and select family members. So that’s how I saw food that time. Then I got intrigued watching shows like chopped on food network 😫… I never imagined that I would become a cook. When I got to school however,I was able to cook at will…it started out as something fun.

Q: How do you juggle being a chef and a law student?

A: I must admit, it isn’t easy and it’s a process I’m learning as I go on. It just means I have to cut down on a lot of things I normally do in school. I have to limit the time I spend with my friends, no parte after parte and all. The fear of failure also propels me to read. It also helps having friends with like minds. My friends are the best actually. They have helped me thus far            The spec behind TUM’S kitchen

Q: Whenever you’re faced with cooking a meal you’ve never prepared before, what’s the first thing you do??

A: Heu, I call my mother first. While on the phone, I’m also on YouTube watching sisi yemmie’s vlog. I constantly making research to make each meal my own. I don’t want my jollof rice to taste like food from the place; I want it to taste like jollof rice from Tum’s kitchen, so I’m constantly trying to create my own taste.    
Q: When you started the journey of Tums kitchen, did you ever feel that there were limits to what you could do as a guy?

A:I didn’t think there were limits. Most times, I took orders for meals I haven’t made before. Once I set my mind to do something,I do it! So I had no fear whatsoever. There’s no divine will that ordained it for only women to cook.

Q : Finally, what’s your advice to those who have never tasted food from Tum’s kitchen?

A:What are you waiting for??? 😩 Tums kitchen gives you healthy quality sumptuous meals at amazing prices. There’s really nothing to lose!!!

Don’t just take his word for it, make sure that you order your meal from Tum’s kitchen today.

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