It’s been weeks since the mysterious disappearance of Hannah stone. Who knew it would take this long to discover that she was missing? Guess that’s why you should have friends. I would have taken my time with her but now her body is rotting in my basement. I know what you’re thinking, you want to know how I killed her. Your excuse is that you’re curious but deep down you know you’re just as much of a psychopath as i am. You just haven’t heard your calling yet. 
         I had a lot of big plans for Hannah but I guess I got carried away with all the fun. The plan was to drain her blood and hang her upside down on a cross making it look like someone with a religion complex did it, but that was too easy and cliche. Even the voices agreed with me. So I made a decision, if I was going to have my first kill, I might as well make it enjoyable for both of us. First, I drilled a hole in her head not deep enough to kill her though. You’ll be surprised that the survival rate of trepanning. I made sure I didn’t give her any anaesthesia, i didn’t want her out of it. She deserved to enjoy this too.
     That same night, I gave her prostaglandins. I didn’t want her bleeding all over my basement when I was cutting off her fingers. I needed them as souvenirs. She was starting to scream and I was losing my patience. Her fingers were so white and small, I could literally see why this was such a great idea. I kept them in a bag filled with ice.  “Sweetheart, i need you to keep still, this is going to hurt”. Might as well give her a heads up. I continued drilling from where I stopped, i was getting closer to her skull and the adrenaline rush hit me like a wave. I couldn’t stop, it was so riveting and exciting. Listening to her screams, her body trashing against the chair, who knew watching a life get drained could be so beautiful. The moment she stopped fighting, I knew it was done. I stood for a while admiring the beautiful work of art before me. Those blue eyes that once had light, the silky brunette hair cascading down her shoulders and truth is I didn’t regret it one bit.

5 thoughts on “DIARY OF A SERIAL KILLER 3

  1. Woww…. Very amazing piece. I wonder how someone would derive pleasure from this tho… It’s kinda sick… Well, I think he’s more of a sadistic maniac. Please shead more light on his character, background and and what made him who he is. Thank you ❤️


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