Heyyyy guys, how’s the lockdown going?? From shake downs to anonymous messages, friendships have been broken, tables have been shaken and most of you have been catching subs including the ones not meant for you. My advice: put your big girl panties and move on. After all, you can’t shame the shameless.
I’m sure you guys are bored out of your minds. Me too, just this week, I’ve learnt that it takes 7 minutes from my house to the bus stop. If you’re up for fun and exciting things, here’s a list of my top 3 favorite things to do.

READ A BOOK: Before you start complaining about how boring this is, think of how nice it would be to actually read your favorite books without pausing or having to worry about Dr. Akaayar’s class by 9. If you’re a mystery lover like me, you should read The 13th juror by John Lescroart, One of us is lying by Karen.M. McManus Or The woman in cabin 10 by Jakub Kabery.

LEARN SOMETHING: if you’re a science guru who opines that JavaScript is outdated, now is the chance to start working on your python skills. Baking, make up, wig making, the internet has made it so easy to learn anything you want. If you’re also one of those responsible for burning food in the hostel, now is probably the time to work on cooking jollof Rice without burning down the house.

JUMP ON ANY CHALLENGE: Mind you, just because I Said any, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use your discretion oo. If your make up skills aren’t on fleek, you should probably stay away from the #don’t rush challenge#. You can mark as many templates as you want or take part in the #naked challenge. Anything to keep the mind from going insane at this point is fully needed as long as it is healthy and hurts no one.

Remember, stay safe and stay at home. While staying at home, don’t just sit in one place. Exercise so your blood vessels can function properly. Wash your hands and be healthy

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