MARGARITA MONTIMORE ‘s Oona out of order

It’s New year’s Eve in New York City and Oona Lockhart is where she wants to be. With her boyfriend holding her hand listening to their band play while they wait for midnight when Oona is going to be 19. She’s faced with a tough decision; should she go to London and study Economics or stay with the band?

Oona out of order is a coming of age fiction that follows the story of Oona Lockhart who leaps a year into the future or past on the stroke of midnight on New year’s Eve. Throughout this fiction, we get to see Oona’s future or past self guide her through the journey of life with the aid of letters written to herself . In some chapters, she heeds to the contents of the letters and other times, she just throws caution to the wind believing that what would be would be.This book is a perfect blend of humor, romance,angst and takes us through an emotional rollercoaster as we watch Oona try to navigate her way through life. She struggles with her relationship with her mom and the men in her life owing to the fact that she wakes up with no recollection of the previous year or the people she spent her time with.

As beautiful as this storyline is though, I was left with a lot of questions. What was responsible for the condition? Why new year’s Eve? Oona’s character became quite frustrating especially when she made a choice to stay in a relationship when she already knew how it would end. But there was a freedom in making mistakes, feeling broken, falling into the void and then climb out. One of the thousand things Oona taught me was the beauty in wisdom and quiet sacrifices. She knew that the face in the silver mirror, that wasn’t what made her her. It was the lessons those years taught her, the mistakes it helped her avoid. Like Oona says “All good things end, the trick is to enjoy them while it lasts”. If you love time travel stories, you can also check out “The time Traveller’s wife” or “the gifted School”.

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