I spotted her at the bar in a red dress that fit tailor made and clung to every curve on her body. Running her fingers across the rim of her highball glass, I could tell that she had been stood up. I made my way over, ready to use one of my infamous pick up lines. “Oh for heaven’s sake, one more compliment about the red dress and I’m going to drown myself in vodka.” I was amused, instead I decided to go the old fashioned way. “He must be an idiot for standing you up, I’m Julien by the way.” She threw her head backwards and gave a throaty laugh. “So Julien, what makes you think I’m on a date? Can’t a lady come out for drinks alone on a Friday night?” I could hear the British accent in her voice and a slight slur that suggested she had had more than one shot of vodka. “Well, I’ve seen you glance at the door five times in thirty minutes and you’re wearing a Galliano dress that still has the tag on which means you bought the dress specially for this occasion.”

She seemed genuinely impressed and I made a mental note to thank my sister for dragging me along on her last shopping spree. “I see, a man that knows his designers and pays attention, psychology major, I presume.” “Can I be honest?” She raised her eyebrows and I took that as my cue to proceed. “I was actually going to make a red joke.” “I knew it, at least you had the common sense not to, I had to pretend I was on a call when the last guy compared me to a fruit. I really wanted to throw my drink on him.” “Well I couldn’t have you drowning in vodka, could I?”. “Thanks for coming over though, this is the most fun I’ve had in days”. “What can I say? I’m the life of the party. Weird how I don’t even know your name yet.” “I’m Auburn, before you ask ;yes, it’s because of my hair.” “It brings out the colour of your eyes.” “So Julien, do you always flirt with ladies you meet at the bar?”

“Only when I know they’ve been stood up.” She jabbed me in the ribs and chuckled. “You’re never going to let me hear the end of it, are you?” “Not if we’re going to be friends for a long time.” “Really, we’re friends now?” “We’ve had two shots of vodka together, if that isn’t friendship, what is?”. “Right, I think I’ve had too much to drink anyway, let’s get out of here.” We waited for a cab and coincidentally she happended to be staying few blocks away from my apartment. As she stepped out of the cab, she planted a kiss on my lips and gave me her card. “Call me, Julien.”

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7 thoughts on “AUBURN

  1. I loved the part where Auburn said she wanted to pour her drink on him for comparing her to a fruit. Hilarious 😁


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