Detty December is finally upon us and it’s time to partyyyyy. Some of us are getting ready to collect our àjo and withdraw our piggy vest savings (finallllyy😩😩). You can contact for your personal shopping and to tip you about the amazing deals going on at the_shoebox_ng.

If there’s anything this year taught us, it’s that life is too short and you should enjoy it while you can. Just try not to enjoy yourself too much abeg. Cerelac is now expensive please and we won’t open GoFundMe for you. As we slowly transition into the new year, remember the following things.

  • Always use protection. I understand that it’s quite easy to get caught up in the moment but please don’t just go with the flow. Nobody wants to spend the new year asking “so have you seen it?”

  • Withdrawal method isn’t a safe preventive measure. Don’t let anyone whine you with pull out game abeg. If your partner insists on not using protection, wear your clothes and head home. It’s not by force.
  • Postinor 2 is an EMERGENCY contraceptive. It is not meant to be used a regular contraceptive method. Popping postinor pills like vitamin C is only going to make your menstrual cycle irregular. Consult a doctor to know which non emergency contraception is best suited for you.

If you’re considering permanent birth control options, a vasectomy or tubal ligation might be the best for you. There are few risks involved in both procedures but you can be rest assured about the results. If your village people are firmly behind you though, it just might not work.

Stay safe and stay out of trouble. Remember, wahala be like bicycle.

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