“Where have you been?” “You haven’t posted on your blog in a while.” “Writer’s block?” I would love to answer your questions and I might. Who knows; I would probably fall off the face of the Earth after this post. You know better than to trust me anyway.

Right now, we have serious business. “I thought the title said fine face or baritone voice?” That was click bait, you’re here now. Get along with the train.

I remember reading a quote in a book few years ago. It always seemed funny but the meaning soon dawned on me. To know a man, walk a mile in his shoes. After that, who cares? He’s a mile away and you’ve got his shoes. The metaphorical shoes in this case refer to the votes of the electorate which unfortunately can be won by 2 packs of noodles and 500 naira.

A character in KOB 2 said and I quote “this game is not won with a fine face or baritone voice?” The political aspirants in our country know this and to be honest, they really understand the assignment (if you know what I mean). Once in every four years, they come off their high horses and thrones, descending into the abode of the commoners with ridiculous campaign strategies that actually work. Eating corn, wiping snot off little kids, boarding public transport; you go low, they go even lower.

Adams oshiomole during his gubernatorial campaign in 2016

Rauf Aregbesola and his deputy in school uniforms.

Studies have shown that a higher percentage of voters are not the guys and ladies in the checkered suits and Jimmy Choo. They’re the market women, the men at the newspaper stands, the underage children in the north.

The future doesn’t belong to those who have the knowledge anymore, the future belongs to those who have permanent voter’s card and are ready to make a change.

NB: All images used for reference are gotten from Google.


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