Hey guys, it’s been a minute (more like two months but please forgive me😭😭). Unilag tried to test me with this online thingy but God pass them. I’m back now, live and on “stereo”(get the 13 reasons why reference???). I grew older and suddenly it feels like the world is passing me by.
I think I’m losing it and no, this is not a cry for help. I guess it’s an acknowledgement that it’s okay to not be okay. Someone once called me an overthinker for deleting social media because It made me feel like i was static and everyone had something going on for them. My brain knew that these people had their struggles too yet I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was simply existing and not living. I still feel that way.

These raw emotions tried to choke me and I could feel them clawing their way to the surface in the form of tears. It felt like I was not breathing air yet somehow I was still here. So this is me at 2am trying to get my thoughts together, counting backwards from 100 because sleep evades me and understanding that I might still be figuring my shit out and that’s okay too.