5 k-drama songs to put you in your feelings this valentine’s day

‘Tis the season to love and be loved…again. The season of flowers, saxophones and love songs that make us feel mushy turning our insides to jelly. For the rest of my single readers who would not be receiving gifts this valentine’s day; fret not, this writer has something special in store for you. Imagine that, a writer that keeps giving. Here is a list of five Korean songs from popular k dramas guaranteed to bring tears to your eyes and ruin your mascara unless they are waterproof.


Love is definitely the moment. Fans of the heirs all remember the song that unleashed our inner Adele and brought tears to our eyes every time our favorite couple graced the screen. This show had me saying God when until he finally answered my prayers. If your plan is to binge watch this show again, kindly keep a box of tissue close by.


This original soundtrack from legend of the blue sea coupled with the crazy romance between heo Joon jae and shim chung really put me in my feelings. A love story about a mermaid and a human with a little bit of mind reading and you have the perfect movie.


The title is already self explanatory. This original soundtrack from crash landing on you was released in February 2020 and it quickly rose to the charts. You know a song is good when you find yourself trying to learn another language just to sing and feel it better. This song takes me back to the epic scenes in the show that gave me sleepless nights.


This song by the dynamic K-pop group Davichi was also the theme song in the popular Korean drama Descendants of the sun. The tragic romance of the second lead characters Jin Goo and Kim Ji Won definitely contributed to why the song was so heart wrenching and tear jerking


The breathy voice and lyrics of this original soundtrack from the king: eternal monarch is probably the only thing that kept me going when i was watching this series. The whole present, past and future thing had me going to google just to keep track on what was going on. Well, that and lee min ho’s face.

There you have it guys. you can finally update your playlist and take that Korean Duolingo class that you’ve been avoiding for a while. Happy valentine’s day. I want you to know that you are loved. Even if you lose against life so much that it feels like it’s losing you. YOU ARE LOVED.

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Hey guys, three weeks no post 🤦. I was binging on TV series and snacking on junks. Since my blogfam refused to send me French hens and turtle doves this holiday season, I’ve decided to be the bigger person and bless you guys with a blog post. Here is a list of five (5) movies that made my 2020 beautiful.


This movie is my personal favorite because I’m a sucker for sad endings. It’s about the love story of Izzy and Daryn trying to cram many milestones into a year because of Izzy’s ovarian cancer. This love story reiterates the fact that it’s not the time spent together that matters but the memories made in that time.


After a heart wrenching season finale of HTGAWM, it was exciting to see Viola Davis onscreen playing the lead role of Ma Rainey; a role that had her gain close to 200 pounds just to fit the description of the real life blues icon. 2020 took Chadwick boseman from us and this movie was the last he featured in as he died post production. Despite the toll Colon cancer took on him, he was a true fighter. He brought so much life into his character and would forever remain in our hearts.


Jamie Foxx plays the role of a former U.S army major who teams up with a cop to find the origin of a dangerous pill that gives people temporary superpowers. December 21 has come and gone and i still don’t have any superpowers. You all are liars😭😭😭


Enola Holmes or as some of you like-minds call it, Eniola Holmes follows the journey of a teenage girl who goes to London in search of her missing mother while trying to avoid her brother and rescue a runaway lord. If you like light hearted adventure, this is definitely for you.


A shy teenage girl, Ellie Chu forms a friendship with the school jock and helps him write love letters to his crush, Aster flores. They get to understand each other’s lives in ways they didn’t and also end up falling for the same girl. Talk about plot twistttt.

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Also share movie recommendations similar to life in a year. Happy new year in advance guys 🌻🌻🌻

MARGARITA MONTIMORE ‘s Oona out of order

It’s New year’s Eve in New York City and Oona Lockhart is where she wants to be. With her boyfriend holding her hand listening to their band play while they wait for midnight when Oona is going to be 19. She’s faced with a tough decision; should she go to London and study Economics or stay with the band?

Oona out of order is a coming of age fiction that follows the story of Oona Lockhart who leaps a year into the future or past on the stroke of midnight on New year’s Eve. Throughout this fiction, we get to see Oona’s future or past self guide her through the journey of life with the aid of letters written to herself . In some chapters, she heeds to the contents of the letters and other times, she just throws caution to the wind believing that what would be would be.This book is a perfect blend of humor, romance,angst and takes us through an emotional rollercoaster as we watch Oona try to navigate her way through life. She struggles with her relationship with her mom and the men in her life owing to the fact that she wakes up with no recollection of the previous year or the people she spent her time with.

As beautiful as this storyline is though, I was left with a lot of questions. What was responsible for the condition? Why new year’s Eve? Oona’s character became quite frustrating especially when she made a choice to stay in a relationship when she already knew how it would end. But there was a freedom in making mistakes, feeling broken, falling into the void and then climb out. One of the thousand things Oona taught me was the beauty in wisdom and quiet sacrifices. She knew that the face in the silver mirror, that wasn’t what made her her. It was the lessons those years taught her, the mistakes it helped her avoid. Like Oona says “All good things end, the trick is to enjoy them while it lasts”. If you love time travel stories, you can also check out “The time Traveller’s wife” or “the gifted School”.

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Food is the gateway to a man’s heart but you know what’s better than food, good food. The kind that makes you roll up your sleeves and unbuckle your belt. That amazing dish that would make you forget your manners, yeah that’s the kind of good food I’m talking about 😋😋😋. Today on debhie’s blog, we’ll be having a one on one with one of unilag’s finest chefs, the CEO of TUM’S kitchen who has been peppering us with different delicacies this festive season. This Q/A gave us insight into the life of Mr tunmise  Q: For the sake of those who only know you as the CEO of TUM’S kitchen, can you introduce yourself?

A: My name is okegbemi mofiloluwalowo tunmise.

Q: personally, I love cooking about as much as I love maths, what inspired your passion for cooking?

A: Funny thing is that I wasn’t allowed to cook much at home having 3 elder sisters and all. But as a child I was very picky with food. I wouldn’t eat anything that didn’t look too pleasant to me. So when I went out with my mum I wouldn’t eat outside because of that. I only ate my mums food and select family members. So that’s how I saw food that time. Then I got intrigued watching shows like chopped on food network 😫… I never imagined that I would become a cook. When I got to school however,I was able to cook at will…it started out as something fun.

Q: How do you juggle being a chef and a law student?

A: I must admit, it isn’t easy and it’s a process I’m learning as I go on. It just means I have to cut down on a lot of things I normally do in school. I have to limit the time I spend with my friends, no parte after parte and all. The fear of failure also propels me to read. It also helps having friends with like minds. My friends are the best actually. They have helped me thus far            The spec behind TUM’S kitchen

Q: Whenever you’re faced with cooking a meal you’ve never prepared before, what’s the first thing you do??

A: Heu, I call my mother first. While on the phone, I’m also on YouTube watching sisi yemmie’s vlog. I constantly making research to make each meal my own. I don’t want my jollof rice to taste like food from the place; I want it to taste like jollof rice from Tum’s kitchen, so I’m constantly trying to create my own taste.    
Q: When you started the journey of Tums kitchen, did you ever feel that there were limits to what you could do as a guy?

A:I didn’t think there were limits. Most times, I took orders for meals I haven’t made before. Once I set my mind to do something,I do it! So I had no fear whatsoever. There’s no divine will that ordained it for only women to cook.

Q : Finally, what’s your advice to those who have never tasted food from Tum’s kitchen?

A:What are you waiting for??? 😩 Tums kitchen gives you healthy quality sumptuous meals at amazing prices. There’s really nothing to lose!!!

Don’t just take his word for it, make sure that you order your meal from Tum’s kitchen today.

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