Detty December is finally upon us and it’s time to partyyyyy. Some of us are getting ready to collect our àjo and withdraw our piggy vest savings (finallllyy😩😩). You can contact for your personal shopping and to tip you about the amazing deals going on at the_shoebox_ng.

If there’s anything this year taught us, it’s that life is too short and you should enjoy it while you can. Just try not to enjoy yourself too much abeg. Cerelac is now expensive please and we won’t open GoFundMe for you. As we slowly transition into the new year, remember the following things.

  • Always use protection. I understand that it’s quite easy to get caught up in the moment but please don’t just go with the flow. Nobody wants to spend the new year asking “so have you seen it?”

  • Withdrawal method isn’t a safe preventive measure. Don’t let anyone whine you with pull out game abeg. If your partner insists on not using protection, wear your clothes and head home. It’s not by force.
  • Postinor 2 is an EMERGENCY contraceptive. It is not meant to be used a regular contraceptive method. Popping postinor pills like vitamin C is only going to make your menstrual cycle irregular. Consult a doctor to know which non emergency contraception is best suited for you.

If you’re considering permanent birth control options, a vasectomy or tubal ligation might be the best for you. There are few risks involved in both procedures but you can be rest assured about the results. If your village people are firmly behind you though, it just might not work.

Stay safe and stay out of trouble. Remember, wahala be like bicycle.

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2 months without a post but I’m back now and like my fellow hustlers say aluta continues. Your home girl has been watching crime shows and reading psychological thrillers. It’s no surprise people always suspect me in murder mysteries. Anyway, here’s a list of my top 5 thriller movies. Remember thrillers are all about staying alive.


5 married men share a loft for their indiscretions with their mistresses. A dead lady handcuffed to bed and anyone of them could be the killer. Could it be Phillip who is known for his violent tendencies and has a thing for ladies in handcuffs or Vincent whose mistress keeps threatening to ruin his marriage? How well do you really know your friends??


Based on the 2011 novel by S.J Watson, Nicole kidman(Christine) plays the role of a forty year old woman with no recollection of memories beyond her early 20s. In this psychological thriller, Christine wakes up one morning to discover that she’s married. But even though she should feel safe around this man, there’s something sinister about him and she’s itching to find out.

  • MA

In this psychological thriller/horror starring Octavia Spencer, we see the director’s (Tate Taylor) desire to create something fucked up and it sure was. The plot follows the story of Sue Ann, a lonely middle aged woman who befriends a group of teenagers and lets them host parties at her house. Who doesn’t love an adult that buys them booze?? Very soon, they realize that their new friend might be a little cuckoo in the head. Will they end this new friendship or is free booze hard to pass up??


Here we see how far your brain will go to protect you from trauma. A man takes his wife and daughter to the hospital after his daughter fractured her arm. Hours later, he wakes up in the waiting room where the staffs are different and the only nurse he recognizes keeps telling him that he came alone. Is the hospital hiding something or is this Just a big misunderstanding?

Tell the truth, do the dare or you die. This thriller actually got a lot of negative reviews by critics because it wasn’t scary enough to compare with dready slasher thriller rivals. A game of truth or dare gone wrong is always a plus for me. How far are you willing to protect your secrets even if it means death?

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Welcome to Sex Ed 101. Your favorite teacher is in and things are about to get tense in here. For many Nigerian teenagers, our background in sex education is almost if not totally similar. Sometimes it begins to feel like everyone is reluctant to even talk about it due to the conservative nature of our society. You’re just in luck however, here are things you should know. RULE 1 : Always use protection. Infact, make it a slogan; No protection, No action. I know someone somewhere is assuring his babe that his pull out game is A+. But this isn’t just to prevent unwanted pregnancy but to also protect you from STIs. 30 minutes of fun is not worth the embarrassment of scratching your genitals like a dog in heat.RULE 2: Make sure you get tested periodically. This is necessary especially if you have multiple sexual partners or you are in an open relationship. Even if you feel there’s nothing wrong with you, precautions are extremely important. It’s likely that you are in the window period of an infection and that’s why you are not presenting symptoms.RULE 3: Consent is key, not just before but also during sex. I know sometimes you’ve probably seen one technique on Kamasutra that you can’t wait to try out. Make sure your partner is comfortable with it. If you end up killing someone because you want to prove that you’re Mike Tyson, you’ll explain why you can’t do ordinary missionary and be satisfied.Finally, a back up plan is also necessary. If you’re not ready to have a mini- you walking around, then you should have a plan besides using condoms. There are a lot of preventive measures ranging from temporary ones like IUDs and injectables or permanent ones like vasectomy and bilateral Tubal litigation. You and your partner should see a doctor and decide which works best for you. For more information, visit http://www.nurhitoolkit.orgStay safe guys, wash your hands and stay at home. Remember, don’t just be a social media doctor, take actual precautions.All images from