Heyyyy guys, how’s the lockdown going?? From shake downs to anonymous messages, friendships have been broken, tables have been shaken and most of you have been catching subs including the ones not meant for you. My advice: put your big girl panties and move on. After all, you can’t shame the shameless.
I’m sure you guys are bored out of your minds. Me too, just this week, I’ve learnt that it takes 7 minutes from my house to the bus stop. If you’re up for fun and exciting things, here’s a list of my top 3 favorite things to do.

READ A BOOK: Before you start complaining about how boring this is, think of how nice it would be to actually read your favorite books without pausing or having to worry about Dr. Akaayar’s class by 9. If you’re a mystery lover like me, you should read The 13th juror by John Lescroart, One of us is lying by Karen.M. McManus Or The woman in cabin 10 by Jakub Kabery.

LEARN SOMETHING: if you’re a science guru who opines that JavaScript is outdated, now is the chance to start working on your python skills. Baking, make up, wig making, the internet has made it so easy to learn anything you want. If you’re also one of those responsible for burning food in the hostel, now is probably the time to work on cooking jollof Rice without burning down the house.

JUMP ON ANY CHALLENGE: Mind you, just because I Said any, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use your discretion oo. If your make up skills aren’t on fleek, you should probably stay away from the #don’t rush challenge#. You can mark as many templates as you want or take part in the #naked challenge. Anything to keep the mind from going insane at this point is fully needed as long as it is healthy and hurts no one.

Remember, stay safe and stay at home. While staying at home, don’t just sit in one place. Exercise so your blood vessels can function properly. Wash your hands and be healthy


                            Hannah stone

She finished the juice and blacked out almost immediately. The wonders of  GHB. I took her down the basement and tied her up, then i went back upstairs to have lunch. Who says serial killers don’t get hungry with that much work??
I went back after a while and saw that she was already awake which was a good thing cause I was starting to get impatient. I removed the rag from her mouth and she started yelling. I must admit, I almost started laughing. Did she really think I’d have removed it if the basement wasn’t soundproof. And then you wonder why naive people are easy to kill, they just never learn.

“If your plan is to scream your way out of here, you can try another one, by the way are you thirsty?”. I didn’t even need to ask, I could tell she was but I decided to indulge her nonetheless.  “Yes please, just let me go, I won’t tell anyone anything”. “That’s not happening sweetheart, right now, we’re going to play a game, each correct answer is equal to one sip so for your sake I hope you’re as smart as you look”.  “What game is it??”. It was a beautiful sight to see her so compliant, the fear in those baby blue eyes.

“First question, only one color but not one size, stuck at the bottom, yet easily flies. Present in the sun, absent in rain, doing no harm and feeling no pain, what is it???”
“Can you repeat the question please?, I didn’t get the last part” “10 seconds sweetheart, a wrong answer might leave you with nine fingers so choose wisely”. She kept repeating the question, for someone taking AP classes, she was starting to look foolish. “5 seconds, sweetheart”. “Shadow, shadow, that’s the answer”. Nice job, you just earned yourself a golden sip of water.
Continue like this and I just might cut you loose.


                    Happy New year guys 🤩🤩🤩

So this year, there’s something I’ll like everyone of you to promise me. It’s not something difficult so don’t get scared. I just need you to promise me that you’ll be happy. That you’ll look in the mirror and tell yourself that you deserve every good thing that comes your way. That each time life gives you 100 reasons to break down and think of how miserable your life is, you’ll remind yourself that you have 1001 reasons to be grateful and happy.

Happiness sounds so simple yet it’s a luxury that not everyone can afford. Which is why as silly as you might think this is, I need you to know that it’s important.

I want you to look at your body in all the glory of your stomach rolls, stretch marks, messy hair, brown teeth and know that you’re an amazing person inside out. That the world isn’t ready for you and that you’ll make the world your stage.
But most importantly, I need you to promise me that you’ll believe in yourself, because if you don’t, no one will. Be your biggest hypeman, stand tall with your head high even when life knocks you down. I need to know that you’ll fight back because you’re a conqueror and a phenomenon that life hasn’t seen before.

       Happy New year guyssssssssss


                 Mystery man
You know it’s true what they say that you never forget your first. Your first kiss, the first time you drove a car, the first time you had sex but most importantly how could I forget Hannah Stone, my very first kill. Someone once said never bury your demons; always keep them on a leash, you don’t know when you might need them. My demons?? They were skin deep.
I was what you’ll call a golden boy. Amazing artist, jock, maths guru, the question was what wasn’t I good at??
I was the friendly dude next door, the one who would run errands for you if you were down with the flu. Perhaps that was what made Hannah an easy kill.
      With the way she dressed and wore her hair in a ponytail, it was like she was scared of existing. She tried so hard to blend in the crowd with her black tee shirts and brunette hair. Those baby blue eyes, I couldn’t wait to see how they looked like when life was stifled out of her. Would she be a fighter, would she scream, kick around and make it less enjoyable for both of us. Well there was only one way to find out. A quick look in her room when she was at AP biology showed me exactly how my prey lived.
    My plans were in motion and I kept going over them to make sure it was solid proof. Every Thursday, Hannah used to have lunch with her estranged father. I waited outside the restaurants in my old Volvo. It was easier to remember a Porsche outside a local restaurant when the news of a student came out. She looked upset as she was out of the restaurant and with the rain pouring down heavily, there was no way she was getting home soon. I offered to give her a ride but I could see that she wasn’t comfortable with idea so I showed my ID card. Wouldn’t want to scare the prey before the kill, where’s the fun in that?On our way, she got a call that the road leading to her apartment had been shut down just like I knew it would and she asked if she could stay at my place and wait till the rain stopped. I made a face like I was thinking about it and I agreed.  “Can I get you a change of clothes and something to drink?” We had just gotten to my apartment and I was doing my best to be the prefect host. I offered her apple juice and watched with her down it all with a smile on my face.

Always & forever

Twinkle twinkle Little Star

This is a letter to my lover

Hey you significant other

Do you believe in always and forever?

Always and forever seems like a long time to be committed to something or someone, doesn’t it? You know, sometimes lovers say this and it makes me wonder, would you really be down for him forever. Few weeks ago, someone accused me of being cold and nonchalant and after thinking for a while, I realized that to me I was only being realistic. Always and forever seems to me like an oath to be with you in your good and bad days, sure there’s no problem with that. But does always and forever also mean that I have to be with you when you hurt me. Does it really mean that I don’t love my significant other if always and forever seems so out of reach for me to think of? So many unanswered questions running through my mind and I can’t even find the appropriate words to express the crazy train of thoughts going through my head. I know, I know, this isn’t like Debbie. She tells us things but she rarely asks questions. Truth is Debbie is also confused. The days are going so fast that I’m beginning to feel like if I don’t seize the moment, I might regret it. Would i really regret it if I continue stalling and moving in circles? Would my significant other understand that whenever I think of always and forever, it seems like a good thing and then I start to have doubts? You might say that those who are always trying to hold back are weak because they’re scared of getting hurt. But that’s only your opinion, not mine. To be honest though, as of this moment I don’t even have an opinion, so talk to me. What do you believe??? Do you believe in always and forever or do you feel like you’re just setting yourself up for a heartbreak? Better still, are you like me, confused and yet to have an opinion?

Drop a comment and let’s know what category you belong to

My sister’s keeper

It’s been two weeks after exams and while awaiting results, I’ve spent the holiday reading books by jodi picoult. I recall mentioning her in my previous post.

The first book by jodi picoult that I read is my sister’s keeper (you can find it on anybooks or just get the hardcopy). It’s about a 13 year old girl who sued her parents for making her undergo medical procedures without her permission. Crazy right, the Nigerian wheels in your head are probably turning now and you’re imagining what would happen to you if you were that kid. I’ll like us to think beyond that though cause by the time I’m done, you’d wish she just ran away or shot them. Whatever floats your boat.

Before this girl was conceived, her elder sister was diagnosed with cancer. The doctors said the only way to harvest a bone marrow would be from someone who was her sibling and a genetic match but the brother wasn’t. The parents decided to have another child in the hopes of saving the one they had already.

The first thing they took from her was the blood from her placenta immediately after birth, after that they took cells from her body and the cycle keeps going on and on. At the age of 13, she has been asked to donate her kidney even though her sister might die even after the transplant. So think about it, why should I donate my kidney to my sister if I know there’s a possibility that she’ll die even after the transplant. Why should I give her my kidney if I know there’s a slight chance of complication happening to me after the surgery.

As wicked as you may feel that the young girl is, imagine being born just to keep someone else alive. Today it’s just a kidney, what happens tomorrow when she needs a heart??

I know you’re probably right waiting for me to tell you who won the court case but I won’t. Go and the book yourself. Reading is good for you. Have a great day

Em’s letter

So this is a little something I came up with. It’s a short letter in first person persona and I hope you like it

It’s amazing how so much changes in a year. there’s a lot that 365 days can do to you. Just last year, I had a lot to say so to you, so much words that I couldn’t get them to fit in a letter. And now I can barely look at you without a reminder of how much pain you’ve caused me. I try to speak but the words are stuck in my throat. I can’t help but wonder if each time I lie to you, you can actually see the truth in my eyes. Do you really know me as much as you think??. I hear you tell me you’re different but you only remind me of those who have everything but still want more. It has taken me this long to realize that I don’t have any more of me to give to you. I’m exhausted, drained and tired of being the person your friends expect me to be. I want to be able to think of you and forget how many times you’ve hurt me under the guise of love. Such a sweet talker, only you can do something so despicable and have the words to make it seem like you are the one who needs help. Yet, whenever I try to leave, you come begging in tears each time with a reason different from the last. Should I stay?? Do I even know what it feels like to be on my own? These thoughts plague my mind night and day

From your Love



On today’s episode of debhie’s blog, ( that actually sounded way cooler in head), I’m writing with sleepy eyes. Apparently this is the only way I can stay awake while waiting for my phone signal to come back up. So what does Deborah like to do??? I love reading books and before you ask, sorry to burst your bubble, I don’t like romance. I’m more of a horror/thriller person. I love James Patterson (James Patterson’s murders are forever). Stephen King is also an absolute favorite. He’s as detailed as they come. Did I just forget Mario puzo?? I spent weeks analyzing The godfather.I also looovee Francine Rivers even though she doesn’t write horror. She has a nice way with words. I sing too, sometimes I like to sit and imagine I’m in a singing competition. You’d think that someone that loves to sing as much as I do would have a favorite artist but it’s just so hard to make a choice. Trust me, I’ve tried. Lest I forget, I’m an amazing chair dancer. When you see me dancing while seating, forget it, I know I’m good. On the other hand while standing, I have two left foot even though I always have the moves arranged systematically in my head. I still wonder how it happens though. If you know a good tutor, I’m up for learning. Let’s put those imaginary moves to good use.